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Salina - Giro dell'Isola

Salina round trip
it offers wonderful sights of coasts, beaches, villages and the typical small white houses. The tour starts from Santa Marina towards north.

Salina - Scolgio Cacato You can immediately see the coast and cliff dropping to the sea. The first stop is the "Scoglio Cacato" where sea is really clear and blue. Here you can see the volcanic aspect of Salina. Following the trip, you will see other rock faces as Capo Faro and Torricella.

Salina - Scolgio Cacato Punta Perciato: is an arch created in the volcanic rock of the headland moulded by sea and wind.

Salina - Punta Perciato Pollara: belongs to the municipality of Malfa and it rises for a half on a volcanic crater, the other half of the crater is sunk down in the sea: you can see just a stack facing the beach. In this area you can see a lot of beautiful grottos. The trip ends in Rinella and back to Santa Marina.


Vulcano di SalinaThe island is crossed by roads linking the villages: you can enjoy excellent walks in the nature.

Salina - Laghetto Salato di Lingua Salted lake in Lingua
Located south of Santa Marina: it is a small lake separated from teh sea by a thin strip of land. The lake had been used as a saltpan until few years ago.

Salina - Monte Fossa delle Felci Mount Fossa delle Felci
I t is a very old volcano now inactive. From its top, you can enjoy an amazing view of all the Aeolian Archipelago. Paths climbing to the top are reached with ferns, chestnut and poplars.

Salina - PollaraPollara
North of santa marina, you reach Malfa. In Pollara, you can find the most beautiful beach of the island.

Salina - Santuario Madonna del TerzitoValdichiesa
Located in a very nice area of the island. You can find here the sanctuary of Madonna del Terzito dating back to XVII century. According to the tradition, a country man heard a sound of a bell, he followed it and found a painting with the Virgin Mary image of the Virgin Mary: in that point, was built the sanctuary.

Underwater routes

Salina - escursioni subacqueeSalina guests every year many divers who chose its clear waters as the Shallows of Pollara and the Shallows of the Capo. Diving the first one, you go into a crater: it is an area full of yellow sponges and rock faces rwith morays and crabs.

The Shallows of the Capo are very deep rock areas (100 metres) and full of fishes.

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